Reduced time

Increased quality leads to reduced time spending in a typical design- or redesign project. RailCOMPLETE is a clear-cut BIM tool where all objects have their own dedicated function. A light signal in such model is both a 2D and a 3D object, holding data for all relevant properties for such a signal. The signal belongs to an alignment, it has a direction, and it has s set of rules to follow as well as a position, a name and a description.

Whenever a signal is moved, then nearby objects in the same model will typically be influenced. The 3D model might have to be updated with new text on its ID board, signal configuration tables might have to be updated, interlocking control tables / train route lists and sight lines must be updated. If the design now breaks certain railway administration engineering rules, then the warnings from the object’s inherent model checking must be examined and the underlying problems solved.

In RailCOMPLETE, the effect of an object change propagates automatically to the affected objects throughout the model.

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