In cooperation with the University of Oslo, Railcomplete AS is funding an ongoing research effort «RailCons». RailCons (from «Railway Consistency») aims at developing software which is capable of automated and instant checking of railway model consistency against rule sets and expert knowledge. These rule sets and expert knowledge are expressed in Constrained Natural Language, which is tailored to the specific railway administration. The formulation of various requirements and various logical, physical and mathematical interdependencies will become part of the generic planning process for a specific rail administration.

Automated model checking increases the efficiency and the accuracy in the planning process and provides automated quality assurance documentation for the safety case. Railcomplete AS has started the integration of the RailCons research results into RailCOMPLETE®, thus lowering the threshold for using Automated Reasoning techniques from the research frontier.

The work with Constrained Natural Language is carried out in cooperation with the University of Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Recent research from the University of Oxford has brought forward the RDFox software (Resource Description Framework of Oxford). RDFox does automated reasoning and model checking computationally efficiently “as-you-go” and not “wait-and-see-tomorrow”.

RailCons home page
Verification of rules and regulations in CAD models of railway signalling

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