Junior Developer

Seeking Junior Developer

Employer: Railcomplete AS

Job Title: Developer

Application Deadline: 30.09.2022

Position Type: Permanent

Location: Fornebuveien 33, 1366 Lysaker

We are seeking a software developer to take part in the development of our modelling and engineering tool for railways. This position is suitable for newly
graduated applicants and for ones with a few years of experience.

We need
skilled people to develop algorithms and functionality. In this position you
will be given the opportunity to solve complex tasks with a large degree of self-determination for how the problems are solved.

RailCOMPLETE® is a plugin for the drawing program AutoCAD and is used by railway engineers for planning electronic infrastructure.

Work Tasks

Develop the railway modelling tool RailCOMPLETE. This includes:

  • UI development.
  • Develop and apply algorithms for solving modelling problems.
  • Develop tools for transfer of railway data.
  • Make training material for users.

Examples of Possible Work Tasks:

  • How to convert noisy
    measurements of existing physical tracks to modelled digital tracks?
  • How to automatically test our
    user interface?
  • How to generalize different
    railway representations in a common framework?
  • Exactly which of these tasks you will spend
    most of your time on depends on your interests and qualifications.


We require:

  • Programming experience, for example with C#, Python or Java.
    This experience can be from studies, work, or personal projects.

We want:

  • MSc degree
  • Personal programming projects
  • 0 – 5 years’ experience as a
    professional software developer
  • Fluent English   

Bonus points if you happen to have experience with some of the following:

  • Testing / quality control
  • UI design, especially in WPF
  • Modelling, for instance from a science degree 

Personal Characteristics

  • Curious and imaginative
  • Structured and self sufficient
  • Enjoys programming

Work Tools

  • Version control and issue with Github.
  • C#/.NET in Visual Studio for the main application (RailCOMPLETE)
  • WPF and XAML for UI
  • Lua for automatization inside RailCOMPLETE, similarly as Visual Basic in Excel
  • AutoCAD API functions
  • AutoLISP for making graphics libraries
  • Assisting tools, web and documentation in HTML, PHP, Azure + C# and Latex.

We Offer 

We offer skilled and inspiring colleagues, perpetual learning, flexible work hours and competitive wages.

We have home office on Mondays and Fridays.

Your application should contain:

  • CV
  • Grade transcript
  • Link to Github account with personal projects
  • Application letter

Candidates are evaluated as we receive applications.

About the Employer

About us:

We are engineers with backgrounds in mathematics, physics, and informatics. Our CEO has 30 years’ experience from railway engineering as a signaling engineer and has a large professional network in Norway and abroad. We’ve had Norwegian consulting firms as clients since 2017, and have running pilot projects in France, Germany, and Japan. We attend international events and hold demos for railway engineers across the globe. We participate in international standardization processes.


RailCOMPLETE encompasses everything railway engineers require for their daily work to make geographic and schematic drawings, tables, 3D models, parametrize railway objects, make capacity analysis, animate trains running through networks and exchange data with other applications.

RailCOMPLETE lives up to its name by being a complete tool for track design, civil works, signaling, telecom and low voltage power supply. RailCOMPLETE supports a railway engineer’s work needs – everything in a single tool.

RailCOMPLETE is for AutoCAD what Excel is for Windows – the tool that makes it possible for users throughout the world to be productive and exchange data without loss of information.

Our goal is for all relevant railway computers in the world to use RailCOMPLETE or a compatible application within 2028.

Will you join us on our journey?