Level Of Detail (LOD)

Traditionally, a 3D file will be about 5 times as big as the 2D model, which will be felt as waiting time when opening and closing drawing files. It is therefore advantageous to store 3D separately from 2D data – exporting to a separate 3D DWG file. However, RailCOMPLETE allows you to mix 2D and 3D in the same model if you wish.

The RailCOMPLETE 3D export function has a Level Of Detail feature that allows you to adjust the volume threshold for how small 3D model features will be exported, and another (and higher) volume threshold for when complex 3D volumes are to be replaced by a simple box with similar external dimensions. Thus, the 3D models for the various RailCOMPLETE object types can be retrieved directly from the hardware supplier’s highly detailed 3D models – with nuts and bolts and washers – without loading the finished railroad model 3D export too hard.

Typically, a 5-fold file size reduction will be achieved with LOD.

Adjusting the level of detail
Level of Detail algorithm reduces file sizes
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