RC-CopySelectionAlongPath – copying a complete object group

At first the user will configure a group of objects, with property values, formulas, internal connections and relations. Thereafter the command RC-CopySelectionAlongPath is used, where the user is prompted for an increment and a number of copies. The selected group of objects are copied along the path that they belong to, as many and as far as specified. The user may specify that a common reference alignment (track) shall be used, in order for objects to stay aligned even if there are curves, where the different objects will actually be moved by differing lengths.
The obvious benefit for the user is that many tedious engineering hours are saved this way. Relations between objects internal to the group are found in the copies. A typical usage is a group of tunnel catenary masts, foundations and cantilevers which may be copied 50 times in order to make up support for a catenary wire length of 1000-1500 meters. Another usage is the Emergency Exit informative signs in tunnels, which are copied for every 25 meters typically. The boards contain a reference to the preceding and to the following escape rooms, along with formulas which compute the distances to be shown on the boards.

The command will be made available with RailCOMPLETE v1.0.