Parts of what can be done manually with objects are sufficiently well-defined as a work operation for RailCOMPLETE to automate the process for you. For example:

  • Assist Create Connection Objects – Assists you in creating switches, crossings and alignment continuations corresponding to the actual geometry found in the drawing
  • Assist Create Interlocking Tables – Produces interlocking control tables using the navigable railway network, signals / ERTMS boards and track circuits / axle counter sections, along with requirements set for safety zones, flank protection etc.
  • Assist Create Alignment Using Regression – Convert survey data for track or roads into smooth alignments consisting of reasonable curves, tangent lines (straight segments) and clothoids.
  • Other Assist tools available are for instance Create Geometry And Profile Annotation Objects (to document in detail each segment of an alignment), or Assist Create Schematic Drawing

Assist Create Connection Objects

Assist Create Interlocking Control Tables

Creating smooth alignments from survey data is illustrated below.

1 – A surveyed connecting track alignment, here shown as short straight segments

2 – The Assist tool for regression analysis recognizes three segments

3 – The finalized alignment

Schematic drawing from geographical drawing
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